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Processing Technology

One-stop on-demand manufacturing service, our manufacturing network covers more than 10,000 manufacturers in China and overseas, which can provide the production capacity you need to help you carry out prototyping and production.

CNC Machining

Milling (3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis), turning (number of cars, turning and milling) and surface treatment

3D Printing

SLA, SLS, MJF, SLM and other processes; the fastest delivery within 24 hours


Prototype rapid proofing, small batch vacuum complex mold, product-level surface treatment process

Sheet Metal

Laser cutting, sheet metal bending, welding, etc., and surface treatment

Injection Molding

Single-color injection molding, two-color injection molding, insert molding, the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces

Die Casting

Our typical tolerance accuracy ranges from ±0.0762 mm to ±0.127 mm for aluminium and zinc.

Manufacturing on Demand

Provide one-stop service, rapid proofing of parts and mass production,Helping you with prototyping and production; we solemnly promise that 100% full inspection and shipment will ensure worry-free quality.

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Industries We Serve

Our processed products are widely used in Aerospace & Defense, Robotics & Machine-Building, Industrial Production, Precision Instrument, Electronics, Energy and Precision Manufacturing for Every Industry.









Advantages of Ordering Parts from Us

Using the latest CNC machines, produces highly accurate, quick turn parts in as fast as 10 days.
Select from a variety of finishes on solid metal and plastic parts, built to precise design specifications.
Our QA department performs strong quality assurance.
offers various tolerance options in accordance with ISO 2768 (Standard, Fine) and ISO 286 (Grades 8, 7, 6)
Choose from over 30 metal and plastic materials. CNC Machining offers a wide variety of certified materials.
delivers parts to all European countries, including UK, Norway and Switzerland. Just get a quote and see available delivery options along with your CNC parts quote.

Our Cases


Our products are widely used in railway, highway, tunnel, subway, coal mine, geology, metallurgy, water conservancy and other industries.

Solutions to Three Difficulties in Aluminum Alloy Laser Welding

Because laser technology has the characteristics of low welding heat input, little influence on the welding heated area and not easy to deform, it has received special attention in the field of aluminum alloy welding. But on the other hand, due to its own...

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Laser Cut Vacuum Pump Diaphragm Solutions

Diaphragms made of plastic or rubber are very important components in vacuum pumps. Because the diaphragm must form a tight seal between the pump's inner and outer chambers for efficient pumping. The edge of the diaphragm must be smooth and actinic,...

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Technical Difficulties and Solutions for Laser Cutting Processing of Thick Steel Plates

It is no longer a problem for laser cutting machines to cut steel plates below 10mm thick. But if you want to cut thicker steel plates, you often resort to high-power lasers with an output power exceeding 5kW, and the cutting quality is also significantly...

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Machining solutions for slender shafts

1. What is a slender shaft?Shafts whose length-to-diameter ratio is greater than 25 (ie L/D>25) are called slender shafts. Such as the screw on the lathe, the feed rod, etc.2. the processing difficulty of the slender shaft:Due to the poor rigidity of t...

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Conduct in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers, and maintains long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic advanced manufacturing suppliers.